Julio’s Story

“What do you want to be when you grow up, Julio?” his teacher asks.

“A pilot.” Julio says with a smile.

“Oh and why is that?” asks his teacher.

Julio pauses for a moment, “I just think the world would look really good from all the way up there.”

If you asked Julio this question a year ago, he would have thought you were joking. Julio, a chatty, bright 12-year-old, had his future set in stone. As soon as he finished elementary school, he would start working with his mom in the coffee fields. Many of his schoolmates had already abandoned school to join their families laboring in the fields.

In Guatemala, over half of children do not have access to education beyond the sixth grade. Julio could have become one of them. The pastor at the village’s church told the family about Lan Vwa, a local school that was doing the unheard of—helping children of coffee farmers earn their high school diploma. Julio knew he couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Lan Vwa has changed everything for Julio. He now has a dream of his own—to be a pilot and see the world from above. Something that once would have been an unthinkable goal is now a very real possibility for him.

You are a part of this story. Because you drink HOPE Coffee, Julio and his family are hearing about Jesus. Julio is committed to finishing high school. He now dreams of a career that will help his family break the cycle of poverty. Though he once thought he’d spend his days working in the coffee fields, he now dreams of flying over them.

The HOPE Coffee Guatemalan line comes from the very coffee fields where Julio’s mom labors. When you drink our Guatemalan coffee you are supporting Lan Vwa, a Christian school for coffee farmers’ children! You are a part of giving Julio and his classmates an education and a chance to dream.

Send a note to Karina and the teachers at Lan Vwa to encourage them as they invest in the lives of these incredible children in Guatemala!

HOPE Partner Tip: 
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