Changing Lives in Tennessee – Jehovah Java


Manchester, Tennessee— Years ago, Danny Lyons and Caleb McCall found Jesus in one of the least likely places—an addiction recovery program. Danny and Caleb went on to start Be the Bush Ministries, a Christ-centered recovery center for people dealing with life-controlling addictions. Looking for a way to raise funds for the ministry, they decided to open a coffee shop and Jehovah Java was born!

“It’s obvious the Lord has His hand all over it, hence the name “Jehovah Java,” referring to Genesis 22:14 where God is called by the name Jehovah-Jireh, which means God the Provider.  We believe through Jehovah Java God will provide the funds needed to help run our recovery center.” – Danny Lyons

Unlike most secular drug rehabilitation centers, Be the Bush Ministries receives no government aid, which makes Jehovah Java vital to the existence of the ministry.  While participating in the recovery program, men work in the coffee shop to gain experience in a healthy environment which helps to instill Christian morals and valuable work ethics.

“When I was looking for a good solid coffee distributor, I searched for a Christian coffee company thinking that such a thing probably didn’t exist.  When I came across HOPE Coffee I was sold. Not only is our partnership helping to restore the lives of addicts, but we are also supporting world missions.  One of the best decisions we ever made! We are currently trying to innovate new ideas to bring business and ministry together to glorify God!” – Danny Lyons

 Jehovah Java is one of the newest additions to HOPE Coffee’s Coffee Shops and Cafes Program.  Some of their favorites include our Espresso, Mexican Light Roast, Honduran Bold Roast, and of course the entire line of Compassion Tea!

 Is your organization using HOPE Coffee to change lives in a unique way? We’d love to hear about it! You could be featured in our next HOPE Partner Spotlight!



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