Apply to become a Java Missionary Affiliate with HOPE Coffee

HOPE Coffee exists to provide high quality coffee and invest profits from its sale directly into Christian missions, primarily in Honduras.  We are excited about partnership opportunities with other missionaries that help spread the word about HOPE Coffee’s mission of missions.

To help further the reach of HOPE Coffee with churches, and to concurrently help support other missionaries, HOPE Coffee will donate 6% of every sale generated by missionary partners towards an approved missionary ministry account.

One way to help spread the word about HOPE Coffee and earn sizable referral donations is to make churches in your support network aware of our no-contract HOPE Partners program.  In this program, churches who sign up to use HOPE Coffee are eligible to receive a 10%-15% discount off our retail pricing.

So long as you are referenced when a church signs up for this program, as the church orders a supply of HOPE Coffee on a regular basis, they will also supply their “Java Missionary Affiliate” (you!) with a regular donation from HOPE Coffee.

To find out more about this referral program and sharing the gospel by sharing about Honduran coffee, please submit your application for our team to consider.

We will use this information on our donations to your non-profit organization.