Hurricane Update

Hurricane Iota and Hurricane Eta have caused destruction, death, homelessness and famine in the countries we serve. Both Honduras and Guatemala have been especially devastated by these storms. The coffee farmers and our National Ministry Leaders fear the worst of the storms have not passed. The coffee farmers fear for their crops and the health and safety of their pickers. Our National Ministry Leaders fear for their communities and congregations.

We received an update from National Ministry Leader in Honduras, Carlos Ramos, who is desperately trying to bring relief and hope to his country:

We are grateful for your prayers. 

In the last 36 hours, we have experienced times of anguish, pain and destruction, with the passage of Hurricane Eta.

  • We are without electricity, drinking water and the internet. All these things were damaged by the rains and landslides.
  • There are 7 destroyed bridges in our area of Santa Bárbara. The roads were damaged, we are cut off from reaching the rest of the country, and many places are cut off as well.
  • We have four shelters in the city with 80 families, of at least 6 people per family.
  • We do not have access to some communities where people are affected.
  • I have 40 food baskets ready to be delivered and also water filters, but the destroyed roads have delayed the delivery.
  • In the community of Ilama, Santa Bárbara, 5 families from the church are affected and lost everything, their houses and belongings.
  • Last night a shelter was visited with food. The shelter is in great need of mattresses, sheets and food.

This is in our area, without taking into account the entire country, especially the northern area and the Atlantic coast where the damage is greater. There are 18 deceased and many missing. Thousands have been rescued but there are people who still remain on the roofs of their homes. 

We ask your prayers brothers and sisters.

Carlos R. Ramos

Now more than ever, we thank you for choosing HOPE Coffee.

Because you’ve chosen HOPE Coffee, you are already helping those affected by these disastrous storms. You have partnered with Pastor Carlos to distribute food and clean water to his devastated community. Because these hurricanes have dramatically increased the needs in the countries we serve, we invite you to add-on a small donation to your next coffee order. If you do not currently have any coffee needs but would still like to do more to help the families affected by this destruction, please consider donating directly to our non-profit partner, Create Hope. Together we can provide relief and bring much-needed hope to Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.


HOPE Partner Tip:  Keep your church or organization updated on the latest impact of their coffee by using this free announcement slide for your pre-service announcements or on a screen near your coffee bar!  Click the image below to download the announcement slide in our online store.