How To Set Up a Coffee Bar in Your Church Lobby

Is your church ready to set up a coffee bar in your church lobby? There are several important elements to consider as you prepare to launch your coffee bar ministry:

Quality Coffee: The days of expensive specialty coffee are over. Providing affordable, high-quality coffee can be an important element of your church’s hospitality towards everyone who walks in the front door.

Condiments/Supplies: While some people enjoy drinking black coffee, others will want to add creamer and sugar to their coffee. For the creamer,  you can purchase the little flavored creamer cups or provide pitchers with cold half-and-half and milk. Sugar can be purchased in little packets or small canisters. Stir sticks and small napkins will also be needed.

Hospitality Training: The church should always demonstrate what it looks like to serve others well. Take some time to train your coffee ministry and hospitality team about how to brew coffee, replenish condiments and supplies, keep coffee containers filled, how to clean up messes quickly, etc. When we show others hospitality through these little acts of service, people will feel loved and cared for.

Easy Access: Place your coffee bar in a location where people can stream through and slowly get their coffee. Conversations often take place over coffee, so make sure the coffee bar is located in a section of your lobby where there is room nearby for people to gather and talk.

Label Everything: Place labels on the coffee containers, storage bins for condiments, creamer pitchers, and anything else that is available at the coffee bar. For your coffee containers, use removable labels that describe which roast levels are available for consumption.

Clear Signage: No one likes searching for their morning cup of coffee. Put clear signage in place so that people can find the coffee bar easily.

Intentional Vision: Will there be a purpose behind this ministry? Consider selecting a coffee provider like HOPE Coffee whose profits will make an eternal impact. People will be drawn towards this greater purpose and will be excited that their church is partnering with a coffee company that supports mission work.

Plan Ahead: Make sure that you order enough coffee and supplies to account for the busy holiday weekends and fifth Sundays. You should always have extra coffee in stock. For supplies, purchasing items in bulk will reduce costs.

Quality Tea: There are some people who don’t enjoy coffee, but would enjoy a good cup of tea. HOPE Coffee partners with Compassion Tea to provide high-quality tea whose profits support medical missions in Africa.

Each of these elements are important for your church as you set up a coffee bar in your church lobby. Have any questions? We are here to help! HOPE Coffee is here to partner with churches, provide high-quality coffee and tea, and use 100% of our profits to support mission work in Honduras, Mexico, and Africa. We work with hundreds of churches all across the United States to provide for their regular coffee and tea needs.

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