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These refreshing green teas are sure to thrill with exciting flavors and notes! The Compassion Green Tea Sample Pack contains four invigorating flavors of green tea. Enjoy for yourself or give as a gift to a friend. All four flavors are tucked into an attractive white pillow box.

  • Green Peach Apricot - Peach and apricot always make a winning combination. This time, we’ve paired these all-star flavors with a Temple of Heaven Gunpowder green tea to create a delightful tea.
  • Moroccan Mint - Gunpowder green tea flavored with Spearmint leaves yielding a lovely palatable cup of tea.
  • Pacific Holiday - Send your taste buds on a tropical vacation! Our Sencha Green Tea is paired with mango, kiwi and passion fruit flavors and with dried fruit pieces to create a fruit flavor explosion that will have you singing “Bali Ha’i” long after you finish your cup.
  • Sencha Green Tea- Tending light liquoring and smooth with reasonable depth and body. Often used in tea ceremonies.

Each sample pack contains 4 pouches of 3 tea bags for a total of 12 Pyramid Tea Bags.

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