Hope and a Home for Arcelia

Siguatepeque, Honduras—Arcelia never imagined she would be raising her three kids alone. Working multiple jobs never seemed to bring in enough money to provide a safe, consistent place for her family to call home.

Arcelia was discouraged. She continued striving to make her income stretch—always thinking of her children’s needs. She worried about the costs of her son’s education and her daughter’s medical care. It seemed as though hope of a better life for herself and her children would always stay just beyond her reach.  

After Arcelia had resigned herself to a life of poverty and substandard living conditions, HOPE Coffee partnered with a Christian organization in Arcelia’s community and began to build. As the volunteers laid the foundations of her new home, they began the process of rebuilding hope that was once lost. The volunteers expressed the love of Jesus to Arcelia in a very real and tangible way.

  • Arcelia and her kids

    Arcelia and her kids

  • Day 1

    Day 1

  • Day 2

    Day 2

  • Day 2

    Day 2

  • Day 2

    Day 2

  • Completed House

    Completed House

Arcelia had been walking with Jesus for years. She’d heard about God’s love for her countless times in church. After seeing the faces of the volunteers who partnered with HOPE Coffee to help build her home, she confidently proclaimed, “I’m seeing the face of Jesus in them”.

After living with others for so long, Arcelia and her three beautiful children sleep safely in their own home tonight.  Arcelia said it best when she exclaimed, “All I can say is thank you”.

At HOPE Coffee we echo Arcelia’s words: all we can say is thank you. By serving HOPE Coffee in your organization you serve the love of Jesus Christ to people like Arcelia.

That’s what it means to Serve Better©.

Watch the video below to see Arcelia’s incredible story.

Thank you to the Fundacion Melodias de Esperanza in Siquatepeque, Honduras for their partnership in this project.

Music used by permission:  Rivers and Robots – “Shepherd of My Soul” and “Home”