Hiring Schedule

Your coffee shop will be known by the people that you hire.  Your baristas represent your brand.  Your customers will associate your brand with your employees.  You have spent time and money opening a coffee shop, and yet those that you hire will affect your Google and Yelp Reviews more than you yourself.  It is very important that you hire people who will represent you well.

Since there are many other great articles on how to conduct interviews and hire great people, I will only focus on a few key elements here.  Because being a barista is a highly coveted job among young people, you will most likely have numerous candidates from which you can choose.  We use www.joinhomebase.com as our team scheduling tool.  It also has a job opportunity function that will allow you to post your job opening on your social media, other job posting sites, as well as provide a QR code that you can post on your front door.  We have found that using this method, we have a database of people that we can consider when it comes time to hire the next team member.

One of the frustrating things for employees in the quick service restaurant category is the varied weekly schedule of when they work.  We decided to treat our team members like we would want to be treated.  And so our team goes to great lengths to schedule 3-4 months at a time.  The base schedule for each week remains constant while some team members may need to trade with others for a variety of reasons.  However, we have found that this predictable schedule has created a team that trusts our management and that builds great relationships with our customers.