Feeding the Hungry in Honduras

For some of us, Covid-19 has been only a mild inconvenience. Maybe we’ve been spending more time at home, perhaps feelings of uneasiness are in the air. But for those who were already living in poverty before the pandemic, life has changed drastically.

Like many people around the world, day laborers in rural Honduras are banned from working and are unable to receive their daily pay—the pay that they rely on to feed their families each day. With strict guidelines from the Honduran government to stay home, alternate income isn’t an option. 

Recently, we learned about dozens of families living in poverty, unsure of where their meals will be coming from. HOPE Coffee partnered with Create Hope, along with Pastors Walter, Joel and Carlos to distribute groceries to those struggling in their communities. Together with their congregations they were able to distribute groceries to 50 families!

For many of the households visited, the food arrived just in time. Several families shared that they were out of food and hadn’t eaten anything that day. Among the families given groceries was the Diaz family, who Pastor Joel continues to disciple after they received a safe home last fall. They were especially grateful to be able to feed their 5 children! 

Each delivery of groceries served as a physical reminder of God’s provision even in the most uncertain of times. Thank you for drinking HOPE Coffee—it really does make a difference!

HOPE Coffee worked through Create Hope, our trusted non-profit partner, to help these families because of your coffee purchases. Create Hope sent the funds to three pastors in Honduras, enabling them to provide much-needed groceries for Honduran laborers and their families.  Click here to learn more about how you change lives through HOPE Coffee and Create Hope!


HOPE Partner Tip:  Keep your church or organization updated on the latest impact of their coffee by using this free announcement slide for your pre-service announcements or on a screen near your coffee bar!  Click the image below to download the announcement slide in our online store.