Flood Relief for Honduras

This past weekend heavy rains fell in the central part of Honduras including the city of Siguatepeque where HOPE Coffee has connections with coffee farmers and ministry partners. One of the main rivers that runs through town quickly rose beyond flood stage and destroyed many of the homes in the area. It is estimated by one news agency that as many as 2,000 people are now homeless in the city of Siguatepeque.

A HOPE Coffee and a Camino Global missionary, who lives in Siguatepeque, is coordinating relief efforts through the Honduran church to not only meet these immediate needs but to share the gospel with these hurting families.

If you would like to give toward these relief efforts, please direct your gifts to http://relief.hopecoffee.com where you will be redirected to the Camino Global giving page.

Thank you for praying for the physical and spiritual needs of many in the area where HOPE Coffee works and serves.

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