What is HOPE Coffee’s doctrinal statement or statement of belief?

HOPE Coffee is a non-denominational organization. Our purpose is to empower Evangelical Christian* churches in Honduras, Mexico and across other parts of the world, to reach the lost in their communities through project-based evangelism.**

These projects include (but are not limited to) building a home for a widow, installing a water storage system for a family, constructing a roof or pouring a concrete floor for a small home.  The local church performs the work of the project alongside the family in need, all the while building a relationship with them and ultimately sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  HOPE Coffee is excited to partner with and empower these local churches who are eager to serve and reach the lost in their communities.

While these local churches are from diverse denominational backgrounds, all are expected to align with the tenants of the Nicene Creed.   This creed was adopted by the universal church in 325 A.D. and focuses on the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ and is essential to understanding and accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To read about the Nicene Creed, please visit https://www.gotquestions.org/Nicene-creed.html

To read about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please visit https://www.gotquestions.org/gospel-of-Jesus-Christ.html

* Evangelical church is defined as a church that is centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

**Project based evangelism is defined as follows;  churches of varying Evangelical Christian denominations present project needs to our local staff on behalf of families in their local communities who do not yet know Jesus.