How did HOPE Coffee start?

HOPE Coffee began in Honduras by a Camino Global missionary as a small souvenir product. When missions teams came to Honduras, many times they would want to purchase coffee to take home.  In anticipation of this, host missionaries began to purchase green coffee from local farmers, and would then roast and package it to sell, using the profits to share the gospel.  Meanwhile, several Camino Global missionaries in the United States were discussing how to use business as a means to support missions.  As a result, a team in the United States began to investigate starting the U.S.-based HOPE Coffee in 2010. With wisdom and direction from God, they were able to successfully bring the details together, and the same HOPE Coffee once found only in Honduras could now be purchased in the U.S.  Several years later, this same model expanded into Mexico, and the reach of HOPE Coffee has continued to grow with every year!