When You Choose Compassion Tea…

You are providing life-saving medical care throughout Africa. Nurturing orphans and malnourished infants. Caring for people with chronic illnesses. Giving hope and peace to children of war.  And most importantly you are a part of the gospel going forward in Africa!
We’re proud to introduce you to the 9 Christ-centered medical clinics that your support when you drink Compassion Tea!
  • Tanzania Christian Clinic, Tanzania

    The Masai tribe and those in rural surrounding areas have access to healthcare and spiritual nurturing.
  • 1000 Hills Clinic, South Africa

    People suffering with chronic illnesses in South Africa come to receive much needed care and malnourished children receive food and nutrition education.
  • Passion Center, Malawi

    137 villages receive basic healthcare including specialized care for AIDS orphans, child-headed households and the elderly.
  • Mission Medic Air, Zambia

    People living in hard-to-reach-places in Zambia without access to healthcare can now receive life-saving medical care by doctors who visit by plane.
  • Village of Hope, Uganda

    Children who have been abducted, abused or orphaned by the war in Uganda receive restorative care and have a new future and hope.
  • Rwanda Children, Rwanda

    Rwandans affected by genocide receive food, healthcare, education and spiritual care. Children in jeopardy of severe malnutrition are fed and restored to health.
  • Lietnhom Primary Health Care Center

    60,000 people who have suffered through war and poverty in South Sudan now have access to healthcare and can hear about the love of Jesus.
  • Cyimbili Health Centre, Rwanda

    Over 14,000 villagers, many of whom are coffee pickers and laborers, now have access to a medical clinic and can hear the gospel message.
  • Good Shepherd Clinic, Burundi

    Those living in rural villages in Burundi have access to primary and preventative healthcare and regularly hear about the love of Jesus.

You are already changing lives in Africa when you choose Compassion Tea, but did you know you can directly support these incredible missions? Share life-saving care and the hope of the Gospel though a direct donation to CompassioNow.

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