Cold Brew Brewing Guide: How to Make Cold Brew Coffee with a Toddy

The cold brew method is one of the most popular ways to drink refreshing cold coffee during those warm times of the year. The Toddy cold brew system provides an excellent way to craft a delicious cup of cold brew coffee. With the cold brew brewing method, you will be able to savor the flavors of your coffee beans in a chilled coffee drink.

For cold brew coffee, we highly recommend coffee roasts that are on the light-medium roast level spectrum.  We highly recommend our our Honduran Medium coffee roast. Using the Toddy system will allow you to taste the distinct tasting notes from this region of the world, where HOPE Coffee is engaged in sourcing high-quality coffee and partnering with local churches to share the gospel through servant-evangelism projects.

One of the most popular modern methods for cold brew is the Toddy cold brew system, which soaks coffee in water for a number of hours before allowing the coffee to drip into a small container. This creates a cold brew coffee concentrate, which can then be mixed with water, milk, ice, and more to create different variations of cold brew drinks.

Cold Brew Coffee Toddy

Preparing to Brew

Before you make cold brew coffee with a Toddy, you will need the following items:

If you use the proportions listed in this cold brew brewing guide, you can purchase a 12oz bag of coffee and avoid the need for measuring out coffee on a digital scale. While freshly ground coffee will provide the best coffee taste, you can also use pre-ground coffee in order to eliminate the need for a coffee grinder.

The Grind Level
When preparing to make a cold brew with a toddy, we recommend grinding your coffee to a standard grind level or coarse grind level. This will allow the proper level of extraction from the coffee grounds, which will bring out the flavor and tasting notes of the coffee beans.

The Process
To begin making cold brew coffee with a Toddy coffee brewing system, start by inserting the small stopper into the bottom of the brewing system. Take the small inside filter out, wet it, and place it back into the bottom of the brewing system. Ensure that the filter is level in the brewing system, so that the coffee will extract correctly and precisely during the dripping part of the process.

Next, add one cup of water into the bottom of the brewing system. Pour six ounces of coffee grounds into the water, then slowly pour three more cups of water over the grounds in a circular motion.

Wait five minutes and allow the coffee to soak in the water. Then, add six more ounces of coffee grounds.

Wait five more minutes, then add the last three cups of water. Throughout this whole process, make sure that you do not stir the coffee grounds and water at all. Ensure that the coffee grounds are wet on top.

Allow the coffee and water mixture to brew at room temperature for 12-24 hours.

When the cold brew mixture has finished brewing, place the glass decanter underneath the brewing system. Remove the stopper carefully, allowing the coffee to drip slowing into the glass decanter.

Once the coffee has finished dripping into the glass decanter, your cold brew concentrate is ready for your enjoyment! This concentrate should stay fresh for up to two weeks in your fridge.

To prepare a cup of cold brew coffee, simply fill a cup halfway with the concentrate. Then, fill the cup to 3/4 full with water, then fill the rest of the cup with ice. If you’d prefer, you can add milk and sugar to sweeten the coffee drink.

Enjoy your ice-cold cup of cold brew coffee!

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