Cold Brew Coffee
The Simple Method


Cold brew coffee is NOT the same as hot coffee that has been chilled or poured over ice.  The process of cold-brewing your coffee results in a less acidic version of your favorite roasts!  While any type of coffee can be brewed using this method, lighter – medium roast coffees tend to work the best.  We highly recommend our Honduran Medium Roast! You will find that this cold brew method brings out different flavors and notes than when brewed in the traditional hot method.  Give it a try! 

For best results, use medium – coarsely ground coffee.  Don’t worry!  Our pre-ground coffee options will work well!

Cold brew can be made in any size batch.  Simply use the ratio of 4:1 (4 cups water to 1 cup ground coffee).  Use the chart below as a handy reference for HOPE Coffee’s packaging. 

Cold Brew Coffee – Simple Method

What you will need:

Glass jar (any material jar can be used, but glass tends to result in the cleanest tasting batches!)

Coffee filter, cheese cloth, flour sack cloth or fine mesh sieve

Cold, filtered water

Medium – coarsely ground HOPE Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee – Simple Method


Stir coffee and cold water together in (preferably) a glass jar.  
Leave for 12 hours or overnight on counter or in refrigerator.

Cold Brew Coffee – Simple Method

Pour coffee through coffee filter into glass jar.

In a glass of ice, pour equal parts coffee concentrate and water. For stronger coffee, use more concentrate.  For less intensity, use more water.  Add a splash of milk or your favorite liquid creamer, if desired. 

Fun Tip: For those who like to drink this slowly, try freezing some of the coffee concentrate in ice cube trays so that you can sip all day without your cold brew becoming diluted.

Store remaining concentrate in refrigerator for up to one week and enjoy your cold brew coffee every day!