Coffee Plus Something

Everyone’s goal when opening a coffee shop is to make a profit in addition to providing jobs and a place for the community to gather.  However, you will need to provide coffee + something to maximize your profits.  Food or space rental are both good options to consider.

In our second coffee shop, we decided to add made-to-order breakfast tacos.  This required us to find a chef who could manage the kitchen and train our staff to help in the kitchen.  For this area, there were not many breakfast locations and so it made sense to offer a unique alternative.

We also decided to rent out our location after hours for meetings or parties.  This option allowed us to charge a rate that includes having our staff present during their meeting.  If they want the coffee bar open during their meeting, the option to purchase a discounted gift card that could be used toward ordering drinks during that event is available.

Some coffee shops have separate rooms or spaces that they can rent out during operating hours. This option also brings in additional sales to boost your monthly profits.