Coffee Plus Something

Coffee plus something maximizes profitsCoffee plus something maximizes profits! Most people who open a coffee shop have several goals in mind.  These goals often include making a decent living from the profit, providing great jobs for those in the community, and building a reputation for a great place to work, have meetings or just hang out with friends.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you will probably need to provide coffee plus something to increase your revenue to meet your goals.  Some coffee shops choose to add food, other types of drinks, creative products such as plants or other merchandise, membership clubs, or even renting out portions of their interior space.

In our second coffee shop in Sunnyvale Texas, we decided to add made-to-order breakfast tacos, breakfast sandwiches, as well as grilled sandwiches that could be served throughout the day.  This required us to find a chef who could manage the kitchen and train our staff to help prepare and serve food.  These food items represent about 30% of our monthly revenue.  It was well worth adding breakfast tacos to our menu!