Clean Water in Chiapas

Az de Oros, Chiapas, Mexico—The 23 families who make up the small, rural village of Az de Oros have always lacked access to safe drinking water. Because they must walk an hour each day to retrieve water, simple tasks such as bathing, cooking and laundry are difficult and leave the villagers especially vulnerable to disease.

Solo Cristo Salva, a church in a nearby village, heard about their struggles and wanted to help. Along with their pastor, Sergio, they partnered with HOPE Coffee to bring clean water systems to the families in this small village. Eighteen families attended the session to receive water filter systems and learn how to use them. They were so grateful for this life-changing gift of clean water!

As the training session was ending, Pastor Sergio also shared the good news of Jesus. All 18 families stayed long after the session ended, listening intently and asking questions about the message they had just heard!

The people of Solo Cristo Salva will be returning to continue to discuss the gospel message with the people of Az de Oros. Please pray that the seed planted would grow and many would come to know Him!

Thank you for choosing HOPE Coffee and being a vital part of providing families in Az de Oros with clean water and the message of the gospel!

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