Church Tea: 6 Important Factors for Your Church’s Tea

Why is it important to have quality church tea? Thousands of churches have started serving high-quality tea in their churches. There are several main reasons why churches are choosing to purchase quality church tea and partner with HOPE Coffee and Compassion Tea:

  1. High-Quality Taste: Tea drinkers know when they are drinking good tea or bad tea. Your church tea can make a great impression on regulars and visitors alike with Compassion Tea. With 18 different high-quality flavors to choose from, with both hot tea and cold tea options available, everyone will be happy.
  2. Flavors: Not everyone likes the same flavor of tea. Compassion Tea offers 14 different tea varieties, including Moroccan Mint, Earl Grey, Monk’s Blend, Bourbon St. Vanilla, and more. Take a look at our full tea selection here.
  3. Supplies: To provide quality tea, your church will need to stock up on the standard tea supplies: sugar, milk, and honey. While some tea varieties are designed to be enjoyed by themselves, other tea varieties like black teas are often enjoyed with milk and sugar.
  4. Gospel Impact: If your tea purchases could advance the gospel around the world, wouldn’t you prefer to partner with that company? By purchasing Compassion Tea through HOPE Coffee, your church tea can make an eternal difference. If you’re interested, you can learn more about our gospel impact.
  5. Affordable: Your church tea needs to be affordable, and we totally understand. That’s why we have created the HOPE Partner program, which allows churches to receive a significant discount on their tea and coffee orders. With Compassion Tea, you can purchase quality tea at an affordable price.
  6. Easy: Ordering tea for your church should be easy. You can order Compassion Tea online through the HOPE Coffee store, or you can set up a recurring auto-shipment and have it delivered straight to your church automatically each month.

Thousands of churches and individuals have chosen to partner with HOPE Coffee and Compassion Tea for their tea needs. If you’re interested in making a difference with your church tea purchases, then we invite you to visit our store.

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