Changing the Life of a Teacher

Joconal, Guatemala- If you have followed HOPE Coffee for very long, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Lan Vwa, a school we support in Guatemala for the children of coffee farmers. We often tell you stories of the students whose lives have been changed, like Yerlin, Astrid and Julio. This month, we want to share with you the story of Fabiola, a teacher whose life has been transformed for Jesus, and who is now transforming lives!

Her new life with Christ began in 2021 when she attended an end-of-year teacher training seminar at a coffee farm. The Lord captivated Fabiola’s heart as the staff of Lan Vwa spoke of their vision to “empower through education,” and to show God’s love to the community. After hearing this, Fabiola surrendered her life to Jesus and became a teacher at Lan Vwa.

Three years later, Fabiola continues to share the love of Jesus Christ through her lesson plans. She is also teaching her two sons about the gospel and showing love to them in a new way. The leadership at Lan Vwa rejoices at Fabiola’s encouraging transformation as she continues to spread the gospel to those around her.

Please join us in prayer for Lan Vwa as they are currently underfunded. They need to raise $10,000 for this year. In addition, they are looking for 28 new monthly sponsors to sponsor children without access to education. These sponsorships cover tuition, school supplies, and provide a place for these children to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in donating to Lan Vwa or in sponsoring a child, click here. In addition, please continue to pray for encouragement for Fabiola and for salvation for her two sons.

Because you drink HOPE Coffee, we are able to partner Lan Vwa to help provide gospel-centered education to the children of coffee farmers. Thank you!

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