Catering or Rental

If you have a coffee shop or a mobile coffee cart, a by-product of your business is catering and rental options.

The option to provide catering solutions depends on your menu offerings. The most simplistic catering option is the to-go-box-of-coffee for groups who want to take coffee to a meeting or the office. You can also include a package deal when they purchase a box of coffee plus some of your pastries. The box lunch catering option might be worth considering if you have a kitchen and can create sandwiches. While these types of catering orders require coordination among your management and team members, they can help your coffee shop business grow.

After opening our HOPE Coffee Sunnyvale location, we had several requests from people in Sunnyvale, Texas, who wanted to rent the complete coffee shop for meetings or parties. So, we created a couple of rental options. One option is available for those who just want to use the interior space for a meeting or party. Another option is for those who want to rent the space and have the coffee bar open.  Keeping it open adds more revenue to our bottom line. It was a simple option to offer to the community; many have used it for wedding rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, graduation parties, team meetings, and family reunions. Depending on the interior layout of your coffee shop, you may also rent out separate rooms or spaces during operating hours.

If your mobile coffee cart is easily transported, consider advertising your espresso services for events like weddings or corporate parties. Adding these venues during off-hours can help create your local brand and business.

Our sister company, Shiloh Coffee Supply, offers some unique propane-powered espresso machines that allow mobile coffee carts to operate off-grid.