Meet the U.S. HOPE Coffee Team

There is a reason why we call ourselves “The HOPE Coffee Team.”  The work of “serving better” that God has called us to do is best accomplished as a team.  Below are some of the faces and names that you might be familiar with when you call or email our main office.  However, you should also meet the Direct Trade Farmers who grow your coffee, as well as our National Ministry Leaders who carry out the ministry of HOPE Coffee in Central America.  Together we are able to serve you better as we carry out the vision of acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with our God.

We consider you to be a vital member of our team, as well.  When you choose HOPE Coffee, you are an important part of The HOPE Coffee Mission!

Ben - Square

Ben Penfold
Financial Advisor

Brian - Square

Brian Masters

Eric - Square

Eric Weaver
Executive Vice President and CAO

Billy Square

Billy Todd
Vice President and COO

Kaysi - Square

Kaysi Stanley
Director of Marketing

Yalonda - Square

Yalonda Pinnell
Director of Sales

Jason Kanapkey

Jason Kanapkey
Regional Director

Alyssa - Square

Alyssa Schmidt
Administrative Assistant
Social Media Coordinator

Caleb - Square

Caleb Todd
Customer Service Associate


We’d also like you to meet…