Caring for Coffee Pickers

Caring for Coffee Pickers

Santa Bárbara, Honduras—During every coffee picking season, 22-year-old Lidia can be found working in Teosintal, a coffee farming region in the mountains of Western Honduras. After tragically losing her father when she was a child, Lidia had no choice but to drop out of the fourth grade and begin working to help provide for her family.

She had just finished a long day in the fields when an unfamiliar truck drove up. She assumed it was one of the trucks that routinely came to Teosintal during picking season—driven by people who take advantage of the pickers by over-charging to transport their coffee. But driving this truck was the HOPE Coffee National Ministry Leader Pastor Carlos, his wife, and a local pastor named Sergio. Not only did they come to help fairly transport the coffee, but also came bearing gifts—a truckload of groceries and the gospel message.

At first, Lidia and the other coffee pickers were confused by what was happening. They had never experienced someone giving without expecting anything in return. But soon, smiles worked their way onto each of the 22 coffee pickers’ faces as they realized the groceries were for them!

After the food distribution, every one of the coffee pickers stayed to hear Pastor Carlos share the gospel message. Lidia and her mother were especially attentive and were among the people who decided to stay after the message for a time of prayer.

You are a part of this story! Because you drink HOPE Coffee, twenty-two coffee pickers heard the gospel message and now know there’s a church in their neighborhood that cares about them. The next time you sip HOPE Coffee, please say a prayer for Lidia, the entire crew of coffee pickers and the pastors that are faithfully ministering to them.

Sharing the love of Jesus with coffee farmers and pickers like Lidia is one of the most exciting things you are a part of when you choose HOPE Coffee. If you would like to learn more about what makes our relationship with coffee farmers different click here.

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