The Amayas Follow Jesus

El Aguacata Pompoa, Honduras—Two back-to-back hurricanes struck Honduras late last year leaving Jose, Carminda and their seven children homeless. Jose labors every day in the fields but there is still hardly enough money to feed their large family, let alone rebuild their house. Hopeless and helpless, the Amayas needed a miracle.

When Pastor Carlos Martinez heard what happened to the Amaya family he knew he needed to help. Carlos’s church pulled together their resources and built Jose and Carminda a safe home. Though the home was large enough to keep the family warm and safe at night, the Amayas still had to do all of their cooking outside. They needed an enclosed kitchen, especially as the rainy season approached.

Pastor Carlos again gathered his congregation to serve the Amayas. There was one problem—they lacked funds. When Pastor Carlos reached out to our National Ministry Leader, HOPE Coffee was eager to provide the Amayas with the kitchen they desperately needed.

During the two months it took to build the kitchen, Pastor Carlos and his church continued to share the gospel message with Carminda, Jose and their children. Each time, more and more villagers gathered to hear what the pastor had to say. His messages were causing quite a stir in the community.

After hearing the gospel during one of the pastor’s teachings, Carminda, Jose and their oldest daughter, Maria, decided to follow Jesus!

Though Jose and Carminda thought the hurricanes took everything they had, in the end they gained so much more. Because of the faithful work of Pastor Carlos’ church, they have a safe place to sleep at night. And because you drink HOPE Coffee, the Amaya family also has an enclosed kitchen! But of more value than anything, they have the gift of salvation, which no storm can destroy.



Here’s how you can pray for the Amaya’s village: Pray for Pastor Carlos and his church as they continue to minister and share the good news of Jesus in El Aguacata Pompoa. Pray that God would guide them and provide for them as they hope to plant a church in the village. Pray for the Amaya family, that they would grow in spiritual maturity and that God would bring many more in their village to salvation.

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