6 New Believers in Mexico

Patrocinio, Mexico—Juanita Andrés suffered years of abuse up until her husband left her to raise her five children alone. She works hard in the corn fields in order to provide. After her long work days, Juanita would have to walk 3 hours each day to retrieve clean water for her family. Though there is a creek that runs through her village, it is contaminated and unsafe for drinking, bathing and cooking.

Two years ago, HOPE Coffee partnered with a local church to provide the Andrés family and 34 of their neighbors with clean water systems. Juanita’s life was changed in a profound way. These water filters allow the villagers to use the water from the creek that runs through their village for their daily needs. They no longer have to make a choice between risking illness with the contaminated creek water or walking miles for clean water.

Clean water was not the most life-changing gift that Juanita received that day. Though Juanita did not decide to follow Jesus at that time, the seed of the gospel was planted in her heart. That seed was faithfully watered by Pastor Sergio and his church who—even when there was no evident fruit—continued to build relationships in the village.

God gave growth to the seeds planted that day. Juanita and two of her teenage daughters just decided to follow Jesus! Along with the Andrés family, three more villagers also made decisions to follow Jesus. All six villagers were baptized by Pastor Sergio.

Thank you for choosing HOPE Coffee for your homes, churches and organizations. Because of you, the hope found in Jesus has reached our new brothers and sisters in Mexico: Juanita, Aury, Ricardo, Gustavo, Jesusa and Wilfrido.

HOPE Coffee partners with local churches who want to meet needs in their communities for the sake of the gospel. These families in need not only hear the good news about Jesus, but have a relationship with a local church that lasts long after the project is complete!

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