One Safe Shelter and Four New Believers

Los Obrajes, Honduras—Esteban Tinico works in the coffee fields while his wife, Dora, takes care of their four children. When Pastor Felipe met the Tinicos, he learned that their home was recently destroyed in a violent rainstorm.

When the pastor offered to help build a new home for the family, Esteban struggled to accept.  He had never known anyone in power that showed kindness without expecting anything in return and was skeptical of the care Pastor Felipe was showing his family.  However, he hesitantly agreed, knowing that his family was in dire need.

Pastor Felipe and three local churches partnered with HOPE Coffee to build the Tinicos a safe home while building strong relationships with the family. Dora Tinico enjoyed the time spent with the Christians and was interested in Jesus. As the churches continued to serve the Tinico family, Esteban’s heart began to soften.

When the house was nearly complete, two of the pastors delivered groceries to the Tinicos and 39 struggling families in their village. The Tinicos were astonished by the sight of the pastors caring for their neighbors. This was like no love they had ever seen. When it was their turn to receive groceries, Pastor Felipe spoke with the family once again about God and His never-ending love by saying, “These groceries will run out and even your new house won’t last forever. But there is a gift with no end, and that is a life with Jesus.”

At that moment, Esteban, Dora and two of their teenagers decided they wanted to devote their lives to Jesus.

Because you chose HOPE Coffee, the Tinico family sleep in a safe home tonight—the first home they’ve ever had with a foundation and proper roof. You’ve also been a part of something much more important—reaching the Tinico family with the life-changing message of the gospel. You truly are making an eternal impact.

Through your support HOPE Coffee works through Create Hope, our trusted non-profit partner, to help families in need. Create Hope supports pastors in Honduras, Mexico and also Lan Vwa School in Guatemala by funding service projects to meet basic needs while sharing the love of Christ.

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