Building Hope for Agua Salada

Agua Salada, Honduras—Deep in a valley outside the city stands a small, rural community with dozens of families. Each has a different story to tell about why they relocated to Agua Salada just a few years ago. They have one thing in common: they came with dreams of a better future. These families have very little to call their own​. T​he little they have goes to purchase food and education for their children.

When these families arrived in Agua Salada, it took everything they had to construct their simple​ mud brick​ homes. There was nothing left for ​such ​luxuries as plumbing, electricity, filtered water, or toilets. The women and children of the community were left especially vulnerable with no private bathroom for use.

There is a small beacon of light in Agua Salada—a church called Iglesia Evangélica. Led by Pastor Jose Santana, this church has worked with the families​ in this community​ for several years and understands their physical and spiritual needs.

That small beacon of light grew a little brighter when HOPE Coffee partnered with Pastor Santana to provide ten of these families with bathroom facilities of their own. Through something so simple, the love of Jesus was shown in a tangible way to the people of Agua Salada. Because of your partnership with HOPE Coffee, these families have received a glimpse of a better life, a vision they can pass on to their children.

Through the construction of these bathrooms​,​ Pastor Santana was able to share the gospel with those who’ve never heard it before. Because of the love they were shown through these projects, their hearts are softening toward Jesus.

We ask for your continued prayers for the families in Agua Salada to find hope in Jesus Christ, and for Iglesia Evangélica, the light shining in darkness.

This is one of the many ways you choose to Serve Better by partnering with HOPE Coffee!

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